DIY Venue vs Cross Creek Ranch: How are we different?

The fall wedding season and holiday festivities are officially behind us, which can only mean one thing: engagement season has also ended and wedding planning is upon us. In fact, there are more engagements during the month of December to January than during any other time frame. So when the newly-engaged glow begins to wane and the fog of wedding planning creeps in, couples and their families can find themselves overwhelmed with many decisions to make. Decisions like: which venue fits them and their budgets best? How many vendors do they have to find and contract with? And the amount of work and prep they and their families have to do? All of these (and some others) have to be carefully thought of. Delivery fees, service fees, security fees, what else has a fee?? It all adds UP! Already feeling overwhelmed? Then keep reading and see if Cross Creek Ranch can show you how different we are in the event venue genre and how helpful we can be.

A great way to save money and, therefore, lessen stress is combine services. According to Sasha from Oh So Classy Events, “One of the very best ways that couples can maximize their budget is the COMBINE and conquer! The more items and services a couple combines under one vendor, the more bang they’ll get out of every buck because they will avoid unnecessary additional delivery fees, set up fees or large cost variations.” Our standard wedding packages follow this design and are like none other in the world of venue rental. When you book your wedding date, or even event with us, your package includes not only the facility rental, but also the tables chairs and linens, staffing for the event, full setup and cleanup of the event, china and silverware, event staff, and a menu choice from 5 reputable caterers. When you add the ceremony package, you get additional time for the ceremony itself and rehearsal the day before, a choice between 3 ceremony locations, flexibility to move the ceremony based on weather, white garden chair setup, and a day of coordinator to run the rehearsal and ceremony. We are also a BYOB facility that allows liquor service, so when you purchase the bar package, we take care of the bartender, the officer, the ice and glassware, beverage napkins and lemons and limes, because all of these items are included in the price.

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But it gets better than that. The biggest difference in our packages versus others, we also include the floral centerpieces for your guest tables and can provide additional decoration floral for the ceremony site if requested! The only floral you are responsible for is the wedding party floral, and because we work with multiple wholesalers, we can match whatever your requested blooms and colors are. We also offer a wide variety of themed and categorized centerpieces for you to choose from. You get the joy of envisioning and designing, while we handle executing your wishes. One thing we love to hear is, “It’s more beautiful than I imagined.” To exceed someone’s dream day, is the ultimate compliment in our book.

Other services we include that DIY rental venues don’t are, hauling in ice to fill and maintain drinks, cleaning services during and after the event, and trash disposal at the end of the night.  We have an ice machine and will handle icing and refilling all drinks/drink stations/and ice bins. For trash disposal, we handle all trash disposal at the end of the night. Also, our servers handle the food setup, food service, busing of the tables, kitchen cleanup, and even cake cutting and service! Because we average 2 weddings a weekend all year long, and have been in business for over 20 years, we have our events very streamlined and, I promise, you and your guests will notice how organized our events are run.

But wait, you love to decorate and want to add your personal touches? Absolutely this is possible! Whether you want us to set it for you, or you would like to use your prep time to do some additional decorating, that is completely fine with us. We can even help guide you on what areas benefit most from personal touches and what stocked décor we can contribute to save you a little money and time!

Finally, our goal for every wedding, is for you, your fiancé, your family and your friends, to enjoy your special day work and worry free. Let your mom spend time with you while you prep with your girls instead of frantically meeting all your vendors for setup, let your dad see you off at the end of the night instead of tearing down tables and chairs, and let you and your new spouse look back on your wedding day with love and laughter on how memorable and FUN it was to say “I do” at Cross Creek Ranch. Ready to make wedding planning easy? Then say yes to Cross Creek Ranch.

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